About us

Mason Clover is a Messianic Worship Leader and Producer from Nashville, TN.  Blending contemporary sounds with lyrics rooted in Hebraic meanings sets Mason Clover apart from all other Messianic, Hebrew Roots, and Christian worship leaders and artists. 

With the debut of "An Intimate Look" in 2008 Mason Clover released an album unlike anything else in the Messianic music scene.  Although it took some time for the songs to gain ground within the Messianic movement "Adonai" "Halleluyah" and "Revive Us" all received International Radio airplay on Christian Radio stations. 

Mason Clover has been called many times the Next Generation of Messianic Music following in the footsteps of some amazingly talented worship leaders who have gone before him. 

In 2009 Mason Clover helped produce "Israel Worships" a live worship album with artists like Rut Hughes, Justin McLendon, Steve Manning, and Lenny and Varda.  Mason also helped produce "Into My Heart" by Brenda Wheeler and "I Will Not Be Silent" by Elisha.

In 2012 Mason created United in Worship, a worship conference focused on bringing together different Hebraic Artists from around the United States, with the goal of unifying the body of Messiah through the act of worship.

In 2012 Mason released the Unity EP featuring the song El Shaddai and Not Be Silent.

In 2013 Mason teamed up with worship artist Elisha to help produce her debut album "I Will Not Be Silent."  Mason also released a new single "Revive Me" featuring Elisha which is used as the theme song to Revive 2014.  Revive 2014 is produced by the Hebraic Roots Network.  Mason also worked with the Hebraic Roots Network to produce a show called "Messianic Music Unplugged" featuring artists like Marty Goetz, Ross, Joshua Aaron, Andrew Hodkinson and more.